Shelton Quarles' IMPACT Foundation has two signature programs.

  Home Blitz, Shepherd's Village Edition      

Shepherd’s Village provides single-parent families with affordable housing, services and resources to experience growth, stability and a path to self-sufficiency for single parents and children who face significant crisis and change.

Special programs, individual donors, private and general foundations, mission support and long-term giving fund Shepherd's Village. Thanks to these donors and foundations, Shepherd’s Village has assisted more than 135 families and 300 children to have a safe and supportive "fresh start".

With a mission to provide opportunities and resources for at-risk, single-parent families throughout the Tampa Bay area, Shelton Quarles’ IMPACT Foundation is a partner of Shepherd’s Village through a new version of its Home Blitz program – Home Blitz, Shepherd’s Village Edition.

Shelton Quarles’ IMPACT Foundation renovates Shepherd’s Village units. Renovations include everything from tile flooring and granite kitchen countertops to impact-resistant windows and appliances, and are valued at $26,000 per unit.

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      Scholastic Read for the World Record Summer Challenge  
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Studies suggest that parents in “traditional” families with a working father and an at-home mother, or even parents in dual-income families, spend an average of more than twice the amount of hours per week reading with their children under age 13 than single parents.


In partnership with Scholastic, Shelton Quarles’ IMPACT Foundation provides incentives and rewards through its reading challenges to serve as a resource for single parents throughout the Tampa Bay area to encourage their students to increase the time they spend reading outside of the classroom.